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Oklahoma-born singer-songwriter Justin Joslin grew up youngest of three in a family of singers. His mom and dad recorded albums for the church while his siblings learned their own parts and sang along. From a young age, Justin was on stage with a mic in hand, singing, performing and watching his family as they sang hymns and old gospel songs across the plains.

While singing introduced Justin to music, it wasn’t until he found his Dad's old Silvertone Acoustic Guitar under the guest room bed that he truly fell in love with it. 

“I would strum the fire out of that guitar and make up songs before I even knew what a guitar chord or melody was. The noises I was making on that guitar and the songs I was "writing" were nothing short of terrible,” said Joslin.

But one thing was obvious: Justin was passionate about music.

That passion grew with Justin. As he got older, the passion grew stronger. He learned how to play guitar, started writing his own songs and eventually formed a band. The band became Fresh Sunday. Fresh Sunday, led by Justin on guitar and lead vocals, spent nearly 10 years writing, recording and touring the country. The band released two EP’s and two full length records, won awards in performance and songwriting, garnered radio play and opened for bands like Switchfoot, Lifehouse, Howie Day and Blue October.  

Eventually Fresh Sunday ended but the passion for music never left Justin. 

“I still felt like writing, making and performing music was the best version of myself. After Fresh Sunday, my desire to write music only strengthened. So, I started my solo, singer-songwriter journey,” said Joslin.

He got married and embarked on a path as a solo artist knowing he had more to offer. He released Roots, his first solo EP in 2011. Roots is six dusty songs of where he came from and who he wanted to be. The EP gave Justin the opportunity to play live and he was able to share the stage with Dawes, David Ramirez, Cory Chisel and Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors. During that time, Justin’s passion for music was still growing.

After releasing Roots, Justin spent the next five years working and reworking his first full length record. After almost scrapping the record all together, he released, The River, on March 11, 2016 to a sold-out crowd at the historic Rodeo Opry in Oklahoma City’s Stockyards City. The River is an 11-song ode to his faith, his wife, and his family, that demonstrates triumph can flow from hardships. Accomplished musicians and singers from Nashville to Austin were called on to play a part in Justin’s narrative. A narrative both deeply personal yet universal. 

His first single from The River, “Love You Wrong”, spent six weeks in heavy rotation on Jake FM, Oklahoma’s new country radio station. NewsOK, the most heavily trafficked local website in Oklahoma, featured Justin on the Middle of Nowhere blog where his second single, “Shine a Light”, was debuted. The Oklahoman, Oklahoma’s largest daily newspaper, also highlighted Justin’s story. He spent 2016 playing The River live, with his full band across the region all while writing new material.









Justin is coming to play for City Sessions in partnership with Bike Rack Brewery's Brewroom Sessions. $10 donation to City Sessions at the door for entry. 


Justin’s career continues to evolve and expand. He is currently working with a Los Angeles-based composer on a documentary film that will feature his original music.

With live shows, radio play and music licensing under his belt, he is excited about what’s next.

“It is a new year and my passion for making music has never been stronger,” he said.

Justin’s entering the year with zest and a renewed sense of who he is and where he is going.

From discovering his dad’s guitar to discovering himself, Justin’s path has never been more clear.

“My biggest desire is to give something good to the world... and I believe the best way for me to do that is to continue making music,” said Joslin.